Quality never goes out of style. NOL jewellery has been standing by its timeless elegance and pure simplicity for 50 years now. The sleek design of this unique jewellery almost conceals how much passion, love and craftsmanship has been put into each one of these designs and pieces of jewellery. Discover this special collection and meet the man behind this special jewellery: a Dutch silversmith, who truly can be considered a ‘master’ of his trade.


Take something that is already beautiful and add even more beauty to it; this is how you could describe our mission. We take the most beautiful materials, silver and gold, and we create a Dutch design: Exclusive Dutch masterpieces. Our goal: take something that is already beautiful and add even more beauty to it. We always have the woman in mind who will wear the piece of jewellery and we will make her even more beautiful than she already is. He follows her contours and inserts accents in just the right places, thus boldly emphasising her character.


Of course, a professional craftsman like Jean Jacques Smeijsters becomes one with his material. He feels all areas of the silver and the gold, and knows how to take that material and create a sleek and truly timeless piece of jewellery. However, there is more. Jean Jacques also imagines what the person is like who will wear the jewellery. Thanks to the perfect cooperation with the jewellers or the silversmith in the country, Jean Jacques knows precisely which designs he must follow in order to turn his jewellery into your jewellery.


At NOL jewellers, our in-house designs are transformed with skilled hands into unique jewellery pieces. Dutch craftsmen patiently forge the silver and gold, or a combination of the two, with fire and expertise into an incredibly beautiful design. Is this art, or is it tradition? First of all it is handmade, beautiful and timeless. That is what counts. Last but not least, all jewellery is provided with the NOL brand name and the master’s mark of Jean Jacques Smeijsters.